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Dr. David L. Mitchell, Ph.D.
Certified Consulting Geophysicist

AAPG Certified Petroleum Geophysicist License #26
Licensed Geophysicist, Texas State Board of Professional Geoscientists License #1330

Curriculum Vitae


Over twenty-eight (28) years of experience in exploration and production geophysics including advanced modeling, interpretation and processing of seismic data, and 3D design and operations.  Demonstrated skills in project management, research and development, interactive workstation applications and support, prospect evaluation, and the application of geophysical technology to the solution of exploration problems.  Proven explorationist with excellent oil finding skills.  Oil and Gas discoveries both onshore and offshore. Extensive supervisory and management experience within the oil and gas industry.


*    2D and 3D interpretation experience using LANDMARK, GEOQUEST and SMT interactive workstations.  ProMax processing experience.  Extensive knowledge of geophysical modeling concepts, both structural for imaging of complex structures, and stratigraphic for determining reservoir environment and hydrocarbon potential.  Experienced in 3D seismic survey design and operations.

*    Experience with Gulf of Mexico rock property data base and applications to the modeling of Miocene and Plio-Pleistocene reservoirs with respect to AVO response and pressure and temperature regimes.  Research conducted on the problem of well-to-seismic reflection amplitude calibration in the Gulf of Mexico.  Experienced in modeling and interpretation for pre-stack and post-stack depth migration.

*    Experience in generating and evaluating prospects in the Louisiana and Texas Offshore Shelf, Upper Slope and Deep Water environments.  Onshore experience includes the generation and evaluation of exploration prospects in the Anadarko and Arkoma Basins, the Louisiana and Texas Gulf Coast trends and geophysical analysis in many International basins.  Experienced explorationist, development geophysicist and proven oil finder.


GEO ASSOCIATES, Houston, Texas                               2004 – Present
Consulting Geophysicist

*       Geophysical and Geological consulting services including 3D seismic interpretation, geological mapping, and the generation of drillable prospects.  Prospect evaluation and analysis.  Seismic processing and AVO modeling.  Evaluation of oil and gas drilling deals and independent analysis of oil and gas reserves.  Expert analysis of oil and gas properties.

RIMCO PRODUCTION COMPANY, INC., Houston, Texas                   1999 – 2004
Geophysical Manager – Gulf Coast

*      As Geophysical Manager, responsible for 3D interpretation and prospect generation in RIMCO’s Gulf    
Coast operating areas.  Responsible for all geophysical operations including 3D interpretation, mapping, and the generation of drillable prospects.  Responsible for identifying and developing new 3D joint venture opportunities.  As a prospect generating geophysicist, responsible for the drilling of a prospect inventory to add value to RIMCO.  Several Gulf Coast discoveries since joining RIMCO in 1999.

HS RESOURCES, INC., Houston, Texas        1998 - 1999    
District Geophysicist – Gulf Coast District

*    District Geophysicist for HS Resources’ Gulf Coast onshore exploration and development program.  Responsible for prospect generation and development of oil and gas reserves using 3D technology.  Responsible for new field discovery in the Texas Gulf Coast.

SOUTHWESTERN ENERGY PRODUCTION COMPANY, Houston, Texas                 1996 - 1998
Chief Geophysicist / Exploration Team Leader

*    Chief Geophysicist and Exploration Team Leader for all of Southwestern Energy’s operations including the Mid-Continent, Arkansas and the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast.  As Chief Geophysicist, responsible for all geophysical operations including Southwestern Energy aggressive onshore 3D exploration program.  As the Exploration Team Leader, responsible for the generation and evaluation of prospects and the exploration drilling program in all of Southwestern Energy’s operating areas.

District Geophysicist - Gulf Coast

*    Responsible for the supervision, coordination and quality control of all Gulf Coast geophysical operations.  Responsible for the development and implementation of Southwestern Energy’s 3D program in South Louisiana.  Supervised geophysical staff, assigned projects, and applied geophysical technology to the solution of exploration problems.  Responsible for bringing Gulf Coast prospects to the drilling stage to add reserves.

DEEPTECH INTERNATIONAL, INC., Houston, Texas                                1992 - 1996
Manager of Geophysics

*    Responsible for providing project management and technical support to DEEPTECH International in the area of corporate computing and geophysical technology with respect to DEEPTECH's Deep Water Gulf of Mexico Exploration and Production and Gas Pipeline business.

*    In the position of Manager of Geophysics for DEEPTECH's subsidiaries Tatham Offshore and Dover Technology, responsible for technical analysis on geophysical/geological projects including the modeling, analysis, processing and interpretation of 2D and 3D data in the Flextrend and Deepwater GOM.  Applied technology and interpretive skills to bring Deepwater prospects to the development drilling stage.

BRITISH PETROLEUM, Houston, Texas                              1988 - 1992
Senior Staff Geophysicist, Gulf of Mexico Exploration

*    Responsible for supporting the British Petroleum Gulf of Mexico Shelf and Deepwater exploration groups with respect to data attribute analysis and mapping, forward and inverse modeling, use of geotechnical modeling software and geophysical analysis techniques on advanced interactive computer graphics workstations.  Developed Deepwater depositional models to evaluate seismic attributes.  Used interpretive expertise to generate, evaluate and develop drillable Shelf and Deepwater prospects.

*    Presented all relevant technical geophysical analysis data on each exploration project including modeling analysis, well tie correlation, well to seismic amplitude calibration, net pay estimations and overall prospect drilling risk.  As a senior consultant, contributed to all formal technical presentations to management and influenced decisions made with respect to final recommendations to senior management on oil/gas lease bidding strategy and drilling proposals.

Staff Geophysicist, Exploration Technology Department

*    Joined BP Exploration as a Staff Geophysicist with the responsibility for the technical support and coordination of interactive geoscience workstations for BP in Houston.  In addition, trained geophysicists and geologists in the use of interactive workstations for geophysical modeling and data interpretation and provided support to solve problems related to data loading, processing and interpretation of both 2D and 3D data acquired in the Offshore GOM by BP.

TENNECO OIL COMPANY, Houston, Texas                          1984 - 1988
Senior Geophysical Specialist, Geophysical Research Department

*    As Senior Geophysical Specialist, was responsible for the evaluation and selection of interactive geophysical workstations for Tenneco and the transfer of advanced technology related to interactive 2D and 3D seismic interpretation and analysis.  Coordinated the installation of all interactive graphics computer workstations throughout Tenneco.  Provided expert consulting support to Tenneco on the negotiation of all contracts related to licenses and maintenance of workstations.  Also selected and monitored third party hardware and software maintenance vendors to ensure the cost effective operation of the workstations within the Tenneco Exploration and Production Divisions worldwide.

Geophysical Specialist, Texas Gulf Coast Division

*    Joined Tenneco Oil Company as a Geophysical Specialist with the responsibility for assisting interpreters in the evaluation of exploration prospects including the quality control of special seismic data processing, modeling and time-to-depth conversion of prospective oil and gas reservoirs.  Provided technical consulting support to the Texas Gulf Coast Operating Division concerning the analysis of well log data to determine rock properties, structural and stratigraphic modeling, and 2D and 3D seismic interpretation for prospect evaluation and development.

GETTY OIL COMPANY, Houston, Texas                                         1978 - 1984
Manager, Geophysical Research

*    As Manager of  Geophysical Research, was responsible for the direction and coordination of the activities of a Geophysical Technical Consulting Service and Applied Research program servicing the Getty Oil Company Operating Divisions worldwide.  Managing a group of 30 technical professionals and geoscientists, was responsible for all projects and activities of the geophysical department.  Set priorities for geophysical projects and recommended the addition of programs concerned with E&P research and the development of new processes and techniques for hydrocarbon exploration.  Additionally, prepared and recommended budgets for geophysical project expenditures and reviewed and evaluated the progress of all work including the participation of Getty Oil Company in joint industry and university research programs.

Geophysical Specialist

*    Joined Getty Oil Company's exploration and production operations in Houston as a Geophysical Specialist.  Functioning as a project consultant to Getty Operations, implemented solutions to exploration problems including time-to-depth conversion in complex velocity regions, seismic inversion, modeling of high resolution seismic data for reservoir delineation, and the application of frequency dependent attenuation measurement methods to seismic data for the detection of hydrocarbons.

CONOCO, INC., Ponca City, Oklahoma                                         1976 - 1978
Research Scientist, Exploration Research Division

*    Joined Conoco's Exploration Research Division as a Research Scientist after receipt of Ph.D. in Meteorology from Purdue University.  Implemented research programs and techniques for enhanced seismic reflection data processing and acquisition.  Gained field experience in designing and acquiring data in various acquisition experiments.  Provided technical support to Conoco Operations in solving special problems related to the interpretation of high resolution and shear wave seismic reflection data.  Assisted in the research and development of special seismic data processing methods including filter design and signal processing techniques to enhance high frequency seismic data.


B.S., Mathematics and Physics (Dean's Distinguished List), 1972, Baylor University, Waco, TX.
M.S., Physics, 1974, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana.
Ph.D., Atmospheric Science and Meteorology, 1976, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana.


AAPG Certified Petroleum Geophysicist #26
Licensed Geophysicist, Texas State Board of Professional Geoscientists License #1330
Associate of the Scientific Research Society of North America
Sigma Pi Sigma, National Physics Honors Society


American Meteorological Society
American Association of Petroleum Geologists
National Association of Environmental Professionals
Air and Waste Management Association
Society of Exploration Geophysicists
Scientific Research Society of North America
National Physics Honor Society
American Bar Association,  Associate Member Litigation Division